The South West Iowa Amateur Radio Association was organized in 1954 by those interested in Amateur Radio in this [Southwest Iowa] area. Headquarters are in Creston, Iowa.

The Association stands ready at all times to immediately furnish communications services in the event of an emergency. It is affiliated with the American Radio Relay League, the Army and Air Force “MARS” (Military Affiliate Radio System), “RACES” (Radio Amateur Civil Emergency Service), Civil Defense, and other civil emergency radio networks, and participates each year in the nationwide emergency radio field exercises under simulated emergency conditions. Emergency power generating equipment is maintained by the Association so that emergency communications service is not dependent on local commercial power. In the event of true disaster conditions, this is likely to be the only communications system that will remain in an operational condition.


KØCSQ DMR Repeater is on the Air  !!      443.125 

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Southwest Iowa Amateur Radio Association

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Upcoming Events

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